Hi there. I am Urbanafter30. This is my blog about my journey in urban dance and life lessons along the way.  I named it “after 30” because that is a perceived cut-off age for professional dancers. I started taking urban dance classes in my 40s. We are in a culture and industry obsessed with youth, and I think everyone is missing out as references get smaller. I don’t like limits, rules, and narrow mindsets. It goes against everything that art is. I feel we have much to learn from one another and that only a cross-generational approach can truly reflect the human experience. That is what art should be about.

I have always been an all or nothing type. I cannot half-love, half-do or half-try; I am simply not built that way.  My years struggling in  the music and acting industry have brain- washed me to think that age is an ugly handicap. I am learning to celebrate my life through dance.  My journey is opening doors to reflection and assessment. I share these reflections here. Topics are completely random depending on my take-away that week.

In sharing my experience and thoughts, I hope to inspire a new generation  to challenge the youth-fixation (especially for women) that drives the entertainment industry and to encourage them to value  knowledge of those who have walked these roads before them.  I hope to inspire more people to dance and feel joy. The arts build bridges of tolerance, humanity and generosity.

If something resonates, please leave a comment!