Change Your Narrative (as A Smoker)

What started as an innocent experiment in cool became my go-to for every emotion I encountered and inhaled instead of processing and releasing. Everything got sucked inwards- something women seemed to do often.

Overcoming Fear

Oh the fear… the fear to put yourself out there as an artist and possibly be rejected… To share my “deeper” self in a group setting is especially scary. I’m more comfortable one-on-one. There’s the fear to perform in a small group in front of dancers who are much better . If the choreo is…

Author Mandy Maloney interviews UA30

Welcome to, Anouschka! I’m pretty pumped for this interview today and the reason is simple: dance! Like you dance has always called to me. Unlike you I started when I was a child, in fourth grade, although for some styles of dance that’s still considered an advanced age to start first lessons. Now my…

Dancing Clean-Clearing Clutter

In my quest to dance clean, I clear the clutter from my mind. I focus on one thing and my mind says, “whoah no more room in here, better throw away some things (memories, thoughts, observations) that don’t serve”.